About Foldabed

Foldabed has been designed and is exclusively manufactured in our Woodtech company factory.  We have twenty years’ experience in the manufacturing of Kitchen Cupboards, Vanities, and Built In Cupboards.  We have noticed the ever decreasing size of new accommodation.  This has simultaneously been associated with ever increasing prices.  Our design team realized the need for optimal space utilization.  We believe multi-purpose rooms is now a pre-requisite with beds being the most space absorbing items in your house.

The design had to be simple, durable, allow for safe and easy operation whilst being aesthetically appealing and practical.  The nature of the product allows for it to be flat packed and shipped to your choice of destination.  Assembly is simple and should not take longer than an hour or so.  We are happy to assist with assembly should you prefer not to install yourself.  Various colours and finishes are available with the bed sizes ranging between single, ¾, double and queen sizes.

As you can imagine, Foldabed provides fantastic space saving solutions for Apartments, Studies, Guest Rooms, Holiday Homes, Children’s bedrooms, Affordable housing projects, Container housing, Holiday resorts, Lodges.